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dickybird is a company with many fun and exciting activities. They offer talks, podcasts, teaching, personal training, and an online learning platform.


Mette Bloch is the one behind the activities at dickybird, closely collaborating with Line Bloch.


You can book a talk with Mette Bloch if your company needs a good laugh, but also wants to take away something that can be converted into more efficient work and less stress.


If you or your company need to get in shape, Line is the one you need to invite over!

Line Bloch

SoMe specialist coach and personal trainer

Line is a living example that you can achieve what you set out to do.


She got tired of carrying around too many kilos back in 2020, and so she started intensive training and focused on her diet.


Today, she is more than 30 kilos lighter, she is a qualified personal trainer and nutrition counselor, and she is extremely skilled at planning workouts and motivating others, including children and young people who need to move more. It doesn't necessarily have to be boring to be active.


If your business, or you personally, need a sustainable plan, or a motivational trainer who will come and help your employees in your own training center, then Line is the one to contact.


Please feel free to contact us, and we will find a great solution for you, which will lead to more energy and happiness, and less sick leave in the office.


Mette Bloch

Podcast host and keynote speaker

Mette is a former elite athlete and has twice been the world champion in lightweight single sculls (where you row alone).


She has worked as a keynote speaker for almost 30 years, is the author of 6 books, has released a record, and is the host of the podcast "Lykkefix".


She teaches both presentation techniques and communication, and runs an online course business called MBAcademy, where you can enhance your skills at your own pace.

Mette is passionate about communication and employee engagement, so if you need more joy and greater surplus on both the personal account and the bottom line, please do contact us.

As a speaker, Mette is one of the country's most popular, with humor being the cornerstone of all her deliveries.

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